About Us

BooksLibrary.org is a close-knit team that’s keen on books, and keen on technology. We see in the evolution toward E-books, and other digital forms of distributing the written word, a golden opportunity to improve the reach of these important cultural works. We feel that by embracing the new technology and the new industry environment we can work together toward making books accessible and affordable as well as gaining fair compensation for the booksellers, the publishers, and most importantly, the authors.

The BooksLibrary.org approach

The BooksLibrary.org approach is to offer access on a package basis to our massive library of titles, all in PDF format. Our books are viewable on all types of computer and E-reader from Kindle to iPad, Android, you name it.

We offer high resolution, error-free text, guaranteed. We take pride in high-quality formatting and editing, knowing full well how distracting it can be to run into errors, crooked text or worse—missing content. You’ll never have those problems with BooksLibrary.org, that’s just not how we operate!

We value loyalty and reward our valued customers with huge discounts on larger volume purchases. Our titles run the gamut of genres, with literally thousands of literature titles; reference books; non-fiction; textbooks; medical, law, and other professionals, and educational titles. We got our start with textbooks, but have since branched out to virtually all areas of the publishing world to offer everything from children’s stories to romance, sci-fi, ancient literature and classics, you name it. It’s a true-to-life virtual bookstore.

Enjoy your reading!